For Instructors

This software is a web-based Hospitality accounting system for students in Hospitality and Tourism schools. You can use M3 University Program in:

  • Hospitality Accounting
  • Hospitality Financial Accounting
  • Hospitality Management Accounting
  • Hospitality Industry Managerial Accounting
  • Other related courses

The best part of this software is that it is a web-based software (cloud computing) so there is no need to install any software in students’ or instructor’s computer. Once the instructor adopts the software to be used in a course, the students can start using the system immediately.

In other words, with a very small time investment, you can have your students use a real hospitality application with no cost. This software is not only a good tool to teach them the hospitality technology skills but also to teach them the basics of hotel operation. M3 AccKnowledge is a real hospitality accounting software which is used in thousands of hotels around the world.

This is how you can adopt M3 Accounting Core (AccKnowledge) for your class:

  1. Email Dr. Gunce Malan-Rush at [email protected]
  2. We will create your virtual hotel in M3 Accounting Core
  3. You will integrate M3 AccKnowledge in your course, review the M3 Accounting Core Guidelines
  4. Determine how many exercises you will use in your class (We have 8 assignments)
  5. Class starts
  6. After the add/drop period, instructor sends the final class roster to Gunce at [email protected]
  7. Initial log-in credentials will be sent to the Instructor
  8. Instructors assign the exercises/tutorials and students start doing them.

To sign up or get a demonstration of M3 Accounting Core (AccKnowledge) for Educators, please email Dr. Gunce Malan-Rush at [email protected]